Google Map がおかしい





Google Mapは無料だったので使っていたのですが、いつの間にか有償になっていました。



Today we are announcing important changes, including our new name – Google Maps Platform, a simplified product structure, pay as you go pricing for all, and more. Please take a few minutes to review the announcement to familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes.

We would like to highlight a few updates that may impact your implementation. Beginning June 11th, we are launching our new pricing plan and providing all users access to support. We’ll continue to offer a free tier — all developers will receive $200 of free monthly usage of our core products.

In addition, this change will require you to enable billing and associate it with all of your Google Maps Platform projects. Creating a billing account helps us better understand your usage so we can continue developing helpful products. It also allows you to scale easily with less downtime and fewer performance issues if your product grows beyond the $200 of free monthly usage. For additional visibility and control you can set daily quotas or billing alerts.

How does this affect your current projects?

Project: My Project (xxxxxxxxxxx)

Based on your project usage over the last 3 months and our new pricing plan, we estimate that your new cost will be less than $200 a month and will be covered by our $200 monthly free credit. This estimate does not include usage from other projects or keyless implementations.

As an incentive, we are offering you a one time promotional coupon of $50.00. To activate this coupon, you must enable billing and load this coupon to your account before June 11th.

We want to support you along the way. Please read our Guide for Existing Users to understand how these changes may impact your account and what steps you need to take.

Thank you for using Google Maps Platform.


Welcome to Google Maps Platform, the next generation of our Google Maps business. We encourage you to visit our new website to learn how our global coverage, accurate real-time data, and scalable infrastructure can benefit your business.

As we announced on June 4, our new pricing and terms of service go into effect today.

What does this mean for me?

If your usage stays at its current level, you can continue using Maps, Routes, and Places for free – your current rate of usage is covered by our $200 free monthly credit.

However, we’ve noticed that your account does not have billing information. We highly recommend that you add billing information to your account so that you can benefit from free 24-hour Google customer support. Adding a billing account will also ensure that if your usage spikes, your projects will not experience a service interruption. Please click the “Get Started Now” button below to add billing information to your account.


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